a little intro would be nice, no?

Hi there! I am an 18 year old in my First year of college..pursuing a Bachelors in Dental Science…I personally happen to dislike dentists..I mean  I don’t want anyone fiddling in my mouth. Hence this is more like an experiment..to see how far a person can go before they pull out the gun and start shooting…okay kidding..I don’t have a gun! Neither do i plan on killing anybody ….but i honestly dislike dentists…anyways.. I live with my dog and some times my mum..she visits often 🙂 and i love having her here…except when she decides that the way i arrange things around the house aren’t right and gives the entire house a make-over :/ well the effort is futile, mother, coz i change it back to the way i like the minute you leave *giggles*

i have an elder sibling who is a physiotherapist and an utter pain in the neck . she is nice and sweet and hence the aforementioned pain. also the fact that she had 5 extra years on me , a fact my parents completely choose to ignore, i have to bear constant comparisons – “look at her!! she has a degree! if she can do it so can you!” well yeah i can!! just give me 5 years people!!!! apart from that i think we manage quite well…i take all her clothes and stuff and she is nice enough not to touch my stuff (but that might be coz i dont let her..but it pleases me that she doesnt even try 🙂 )  i have a normal little family and i love them to death. ask my mum..she will tell you i probably am more affectionate than my dog! who btw is some mix between a dog/horse/pig. we are yet to make sure what she is exactly…but we love her and thats that !

This blog is for one sole purpose…for me to put down all my thoughts, ideas,experiences in one place. I used to be in the habit of maintaining a diary..but people kept stealing it 😦 and then I realized that people enjoy reading what I write so why not put it out on the WWW?


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