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inch tapes are more sympathizing

inch tapes are more sympathizing

Never weigh yourself while you’re on a weight loss program. It only makes you want to hit the scale with an axe.

When on a diet and exercise routine to lose weight, make sure you measure yourself with an inch tape rather than step on the scale ever so often.

Well so I have been brisk walking for 1hr 30 minutes every day. I think I’ll start with some exercises as well for my abs and arms, coz I want to work on those two specific areas.

So right now, its 4:45am and I have to step out at 5:30

So here is the plan.

Go for a walk from 5:30 to 7:00 am

Come back and do some relaxing stretches

Do crunches. 2 sets of 10 each.

Then do weights using a 2 kg equivalent – 2 sets of 15 for each arm

That should be enough. Also working on a new diet plan.

I’ll proceed on a day to day basis and keep it really simple and hassle free.

So today is going to be oatmeal and one egg white + 1 cup black coffee w/o sugar for breakfast

A spinach and corn sandwich for lunch with one glass of lemon iced tea w/o sugar

A vegetables + black gram salad in the evening.

Pea soup + toast + mashed potatoes for dinner.

The key to a successful weight loss diet is in eating sufficient portions of healthy food. I’m not the person who calculates every single calorie, but I keep things as fat-free and healthy as possible, without starving my body of nutrition.





i now understand why some people are afraid of dogs…

2nd February 08:20 am (at the time of writing)

so well i started going for walks early morning yesterday. and well today i encountered something weird. so i have always been an animal lover, especially dogs. I’ve never been scared of them. except on two occasions (1 when i by mistake went too close to a bitch and her pups and 2 when the hot brother of one of my friends chased me around the building with some one’s dog). so anyways, like i was saying, never really been scared of them. but today when i went out at 5:30 am , these two dogs refused to let me enter the street!! now mind you, these weren’t house pets..they are strays who hang around this guy who has a store…i know coz i have seen them and him on several occasions. so as i entered the street, they came running at me barking. so i stopped-and they stopped. i took one step

not so loving now are they!?

not so loving now are they!?

forward , and then those low growls…so i took one more step, so the cockier one of the two took one step towards me. so then i decided to test it. i took another step forward, more low growls. so then i decided it wasn’t worth the risk of being bit, so i turned around and started to walk away..and then the tinier of the two(also the one more crazy)started following i got pissed. i don’t usually shoo dogs way, but he was pissing me off, so i bent down and pretended to pick up a stone..he freaked out, ran away and hid under a car and kept watching me from there..and then i actually said “ha-ha who’z being a scaredy cat now?” actually gave me some kind of satisfaction 😡

so well then went walking on a longer route…came back home at 7. felt good. but now my legs hurt like shit..that’s okay though..another day or two and I’l get used to it. I’m going to make this a habit, 5;30 to 7 routine, so when i go back to college, it wont be an issue. now sitting on my bed, writing this and talking to my boyfriend on chat.