2013. A New Beginning

So well usually, people start with their new year resolutions right on Jan 1 and then give up after a 1 month trial period.  I’ve been one of those too. But this year I promised myself I would do things differently. So I’m starting on my new year resolutions exactly one whole  month after the big night. So yes, today is February 1st and I’m going to act on the following resolutions.

: get down to 60 kilos by the middle of this year.(currently weigh 75kg at 5ft 6inch)

: wake up as soon as the alarm goes off and get the fuck out of that comfy bed

: go for a walk every single goddamn day (Sunday’s included) for 40 minutes, no matter what season or time.

: not indulge in bitching about people I don’t really know, or who have not acted against me

: not think and worry so much about friends who are growing distant, instead try and talk to them about it. if it doesn’t work, then just let it go.

: start the following saving scheme-

1. for emergencies

2. for my road trip

3. for something else I’m sure I’ll need cash for

: know what I have to do, and do it. no procrastination, no wasting time, no “I’ll do it later”

: study wise, for the love of god, do it every single day. no matter how, just fucking do it.

yeah i think that covers it. so I’l keep you up to date on how it all goes. 



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