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inch tapes are more sympathizing

inch tapes are more sympathizing

Never weigh yourself while you’re on a weight loss program. It only makes you want to hit the scale with an axe.

When on a diet and exercise routine to lose weight, make sure you measure yourself with an inch tape rather than step on the scale ever so often.

Well so I have been brisk walking for 1hr 30 minutes every day. I think I’ll start with some exercises as well for my abs and arms, coz I want to work on those two specific areas.

So right now, its 4:45am and I have to step out at 5:30

So here is the plan.

Go for a walk from 5:30 to 7:00 am

Come back and do some relaxing stretches

Do crunches. 2 sets of 10 each.

Then do weights using a 2 kg equivalent – 2 sets of 15 for each arm

That should be enough. Also working on a new diet plan.

I’ll proceed on a day to day basis and keep it really simple and hassle free.

So today is going to be oatmeal and one egg white + 1 cup black coffee w/o sugar for breakfast

A spinach and corn sandwich for lunch with one glass of lemon iced tea w/o sugar

A vegetables + black gram salad in the evening.

Pea soup + toast + mashed potatoes for dinner.

The key to a successful weight loss diet is in eating sufficient portions of healthy food. I’m not the person who calculates every single calorie, but I keep things as fat-free and healthy as possible, without starving my body of nutrition.





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