do we have a problem here?

So I and him had a huge fight last night that ended in me crying and pleading for him to stop, him accusing me of things i hadn’t thought of and my sister snatching my phone away and switching it off saying “he has issues, you need to stay away from him”.

So let me tell you exactly how it went down. I had gone out to see a friend who was passing through town and while I was out with him, I kept my phone away because I wasn’t really texting anybody or expecting any calls or texts. And that’s when he messaged saying he was pissed coz apparently I was too busy for him and was ignoring him just coz I was out with a friend!! I got upset at that and constantly messaged back saying I wasn’t ignoring him or anything, just that I was out, he was out and I didn’t really have anything to say so wasn’t texting!! Gosh! I have never known any male friend or acquaintance of mine who loves to be texting 24/7!! And then later on he said everything was okay and then went for practice and called me up at night after practice was done and then started the same topic again and said I was ignoring him, making excuses and lying and not valuing him enough. And then one of my other friends happened to call, and he could hear the call waiting tone so he asked me to answer it. I said it wasn’t important, coz It really wasn’t and then he started with another shit like “you answered so-and-so’s call and put me on hold, why don’t you answer all your other friends too!?” And that really pissed me off, coz I have never before put his call on hold and answered anyone except my parents!! And I was so hurt and he was accusing me of all these things like a crazed man!! And then my sister came into my room and in a loud voice enough for him to hear asked me to hang up. I just sat there crying and looking at her, so she took the phone away from my hand, switched it off and said this – “you need to stop talking to him. He is crazy and has issues, definitely. I know you don’t want to tell me what’s going on, and I’m not going to ask coz you probably will say it is none of my business. But if he is making you cry, then you gotta get away from him”. So after that we just watched some shows and then I went to bed. I turned my phone back on, but by the time he called again, I was fast asleep and so tired that I didn’t hear it. Woke up in the morning and checked all his messages, realized he was feeling sorry and then texted him . he called up, we spoke for 3 hours and sorted things out. He said he realized he had acted like a complete psycho and that he didn’t know what had brought it on, but he regretted it and that he had never wanted to make me cry and had failed. I forgave him obviously, what else would I do? He loves me I know that. And I love him. Issues like these are not issues at all. These are just feelings misdirected.


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